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Welcome to GardenStone, a company dedicated to providing objects of enduring beauty for your home and garden. At GardenStone, we have created an original collection of garden planters, fountains, and benches suitable for any life style.

Our timeless designs and hand crafted finishes will bring joy and pleasure to you now and well into the future. The craftsmanship that goes into every piece is evident in the pictures you will see.

GardenStone stands behind every concrete planter we make with a 5 year UNCONDITIONAL weather guarantee. We will replace any piece that cracks from frost damage. Shipping is not included.

We have introduced our designs in lightweight fiberglass. They have the same elegant look as our concrete planters, and are easier to handle. As with the rest of our collection, you can be assured of their quality and craftsmanship.


Bob Naymie is the founder and president of GardenStone. His specialty has always been blending yesterday's craftsmanship with today's technology. He learned about form, balance, and detail as a residential builder constructing award winning homes in Beverly Hills and Malibu.
He founded GardenStone in the artists' community of Nelson, BC. Working in his garage, he perfected the special blend of cast stone used to create the smooth look of polished stone which distinguishes GardenStone. He moved the facility to Vancouver, where he expanded the production capability and product line.

Gardenstone has recently opened a facility in China, to better service the growing international demand for this unique and beautiful garden art.
Keeping up with the latest garden styles, working with visionary designers, and the use of innovative methods and materials, represent his commitment to bringing timeless beauty to your home and garden.

Alex Sukhomlinov is the creator of our classic European collection. Alex is from Odessa in the Ukraine. For generations his family has been doing the exquisite plaster moldings seen in palaces and museums. His family's company did the decorative plaster in the interior of Michael Gorbachov's dacha. We are fortunate he has turned his substantial talent to our much smaller edifices.

Russell Hackney is the creator of our contemporary pieces. Russell is from Stoke-on-Trent in England, a region renowned for its fine ceramics. He learned his trade from his father, and his perfectly pitched use of balance and line have created pieces of universal appeal. One of the highlights of his career was the design and creation of a commemorative clock presented to the Queen.

Marco Carsedii is the man behind the many unique and beautiful finishes which are the hallmark of our collection. His knowledge of stains and finishes comes from many years of hands on experience with our garden products as well as work in decorative concrete flooring. His artistic vision brings out the natural beauty of the cast stone.

We at Gardenstone are very proud of the products we have created. We are continually striving to improve what we do.
Thank you for taking the time to view our work.

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